Tomi Lahren apologizes, admits she probably shouldn’t have called Joe Kennedy a ‘little limp-d**k’

Democrats thought they had the perfect person to deliver a response to President Trump’s powerful SOTU address when they sent out a weepy, uber-elite Kennedy.

Rep. Joe Kennedy delivered a liberal message full of emotion and identity politics, but the many distractions overshadowed whatever it was he was trying to convey.

To start, there was the mystery slime around his mouth, and the broken car in the background that brought back memories of Chappaquiddick.

Then, there was the delivery itself.  Nearly the entire time, the young Kennedy sounded like he was on the verge of bursting into tears.  It was all too much theatrics for many Americans – including Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren.

The fiery conservative fired off a short video letting America know exactly what she thought of it.

“If you haven’t yet had the displeasure of watching that little limp-d*ck’s response…” Lahren began before warning viewers to prepare for an “embarrassing and pathetic” spectacle.

Lahren used Instagram to post her rant, but soon took it down. It still lives on Twitter, of course:

Wednesday night, Lahren delivered an apology on Twitter, stating that she let her own emotions get the best of her.

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Judging from the responses, Lahren’s tweet did little to quell the backlash from her limp-d*ck quip. But, she might think twice about what she puts on the internet next time.


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