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Reporter covering school shooting gets shock of her life when shooter is identified – as her own son

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Talk about a nightmare.

A local reporter who raced to the scene of an active shooter at a Kentucky high school got the shock of her life when she arrived and learned the identity of the gunman.

Mary Garrison Minyard, editor of the Marshall County Daily Online, learned that the armed suspect was her 15-year-old son while on the scene, according to the  Courier Journal.

Another reporter, Ann Beckett, was sent to take over the story for Minyard.

The deadly shooting occurred Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School in Benton, with two students being killed.

Sources identified the shooter as Gabe Parker, who is accused of fatally shooting two classmates and wounding 14 other students before classes were to begin, the newspaper reported.

Photos of the suspect quickly made the rounds on social media.

Minyard is Parker’s mother. She divorced his father when Parker was 5 years old and later remarried.

His father, Austin Parker, also remarried but he divorced his second wife last year after an incident where he allegedly slapped her, the Courier Journal reported.

Charged with fourth-degree assault, the father pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. In a petition for a domestic violence order, Jennifer Parker said her husband was “controlling and a bully.”

The teen was described as “grandma’s boy.”

“Anything grandma needed, he would get,” neighbor Allyn Hornick told the Courier Journal. “His grandma was his best friend.”

Hornick also said Minyard did not have guns in the home.

Considered “a really good kid,” the paper noted that friends said he had become “snappy” after the Christmas break, talking about violence and joining the Mafia.

Tom Tillison


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