Escaped convict caught running BACK to prison with duffel bag full of party supplies for inmates

Who says being imprisoned has to be all doom and gloom?

An escaped inmate was sent back behind bars after being discovered retrieving goods for his fellow prisoners, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

(Photo credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office).

County Sheriff’s deputies and US Marshals were alerted to ongoing escapes by prisoners out of a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas. According to reports, the inmates would regularly head to the adjacent private land of a local rancher to pick up contraband, then return to their cells.

On Wednesday, authorities set up surveillance and spotted a truck dropping off a large bag on the property. Soon after, inmate Joshua Hansen was arrested as he ran out onto the property to pick up the bag.

Inmate Joshua Hansen. (Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office).

Upon inspection, the duffel bag was found to contain a bottle of Whiskey, three bottles of Brandy, several bags of Buglar tobacco, and snacks. Also present were various home-cooked foods, including fried chicken and BBQ sauce.

(Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office).

Hansen, 25, was in prison serving time for narcotics charges. After being detained this week, he was charged with escape and possession of marijuana. He is currently on a federal hold.

(Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office).

Rather than make a run for freedom, inmates at the federal facility have been using the breach in security to gather luxuries. These prisoners aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer–no wonder they’re in prison.


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