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‘SMH’: So, model Tess Holliday thinks THIS is how women will get ‘respect’?

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When a plus-size model decided to take a stand for women’s equality, she got a swift lesson on what respect does not look like.

Tess Holliday, a 32-year-old “body positive activist” and model, shared a nude photo of herself on Instagram on the day of the Women’s March last week.

“Women deserve respect, whether we are naked or not,” she captioned the photo which was taken by her husband, Nick.

“I’m too sick to march, so I worked on this photo we shot a few weeks ago to post today,” Holliday’s husband wrote, posting the photo to his Instagram Saturday. “No alterations to her body or bare face have been made.”

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Along with modeling, Tess is also a body positive activist, and has posed nude in the past to talk about the stigmas surrounding curvy people.

She posted a stripped-down photo in August to send the message that “fat people have sex.”

And in May 2016, while she was 8 months pregnant with her son Bowie, Tess did a nude shoot with the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph to talk about healthy pregnancies.


While liberal publications and media gush over women’s rights advocates like Holliday, it seems real women – and plenty of men – think they can speak for themselves.

And some were quick to point out how the left’s hypocrisy is more than evident in the so-called women’s movement.

Twitter users cut to the core, slamming Holliday for missing the obvious.

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