CBS reporter gave Sarah Sanders ‘Jell-O’. . . watch her make shots

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders couldn’t help but rub it in Monday after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., caved on the government shutdown.

Shortly after Democrats voted to re-open government, getting little in return, Sanders held her daily press briefing and was asked to respond to the criticism from Schumer, who said over the weekend that negotiating with Trump is “like negotiating with Jell-O.”

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“In addition to saying that … negotiating with [Trump] is like negotiating with Jell-O, today the senator said that the great dealmaker sat on the sidelines,” CBS News Radio White House correspondent Steven Portnoy said. “Was it a concerted effort on the president’s part not to reach out to him this weekend. Is that part of his strategy?”

Without missing a beat, Sanders reminded Portnoy of the outcome.

“What the president did clearly worked,” she said.

But Sander’s wasn’t finished, taking the opportunity to spoon-feed Schumer a helping of his own Jell-O.

“The vote just came in 81-18,” she added. “I’d say that those numbers are much more in the president’s favor than in Sen. Schumer’s favor.

“I’m not sure what changed for him and what he gained other than maybe Nancy Pelosi taking a bunch of [Democratic] members out for dinner to celebrate their shutdown. I’m not sure what other positive things came out of this weekend for Democrats.”

Sanders was referring to Pelosi inviting House Democrats to dinner Saturday night, the first day of the shutdown. The president’s spokesperson was highly critical of this crass act, taking place as members of the military and border patrol worked without pay.

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