April Ryan can’t handle the truth, snaps at Stephen Moore: ‘You were not born in this country!’

A CNN panel discussion on immigration suddenly got personal when American Urban Radio Network White House correspondent April Ryan made race part of the equation.

Fellow panelist Stephen Moore, a conservative economic analyst, said he hoped to see Congress reach an agreement on immigration reform, but Ryan took great exception to him talking about “skill-based immigrants,” a reference to a merit-based immigration system.

Citing the George Soros-backed Center for American Progress, Ryan said black immigrants are “more educated than any other immigrant group,” before taking a shot at President Trump for his comment about immigrants from Norway, saying he is “demonizing immigrants.”

When the discussion got around to so-called DREAMers, Moore again drew the ire of Ryan when he noted that some of these illegal immigrants are now in their 30s and suggested that those with criminal records or on welfare should not be part of the program.

“That is offensive!” Ryan declared, immediately relating the comment to race.

“You have more white Americans on welfare than you have any other group,” the liberal reporter stated. “Your arguments have holes in them, I am so sorry — and they are very biased.”

“Immigrants should not be able to come into the country and go on food stamps, that’s ridiculous,” Moore countered. “That’s the whole history of our country.”

“You were not born in this country!” Ryan shouted, after asking what country he came from.

Moore replied that he was Irish, prompting the first agreement between the two, as Ryan said she was Irish too.

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