The police wrote a ticket for a parking violation and slapped it on a car… that some joker made entirely out of snow

A police officer in Canada was ready to write a ticket for a car parked in a snow removal zone but was perplexed by the snow-covered vehicle.

The “car,” it turned out, was not a car at all but a  life-sized DeLorean made entirely out of snow.

(Image: Facebook/L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs)

The artist, a 33-year-old machinist based out of Montreal built a model of a DeLorean DMC-12, made famous in “Back to the Future” films, in order to pull a fast one on snow removal crews, KMSP reported.  Simon Laprise even added a real windshield wiper to the sculpture to give it a more believable twist.

A passing police officer stopped to investigate as the comical scene was captured in photos shared on Facebook. The skeptical officer, ready to write a citation, seemed to be staring at the “car” and then apparently called for backup. With another police officer arriving on the scene, the reality was soon discovered.

(Image: Facebook/L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs)

Laprise did end up getting a ticket – as fake as the car he had made.

“You made our night hahahahaha :)” the citation read.

No telling if the snow removers got to enjoy the prank as crews plowed through and destroyed the sculpture the next morning.

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Frieda Powers


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