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Leggy Tiffany Trump rocks black mini as the flower girl in pal’s ‘sexless’ Vegas wedding

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Tiffany Trump is the anti-Ivanka Trump, based on her partying habits. In her defense, Tiffany is a student, after all.

Tiffany, the 24-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump and his second wife Marla Maples, enjoyed a wild weekend in Las Vegas.

It started off as a birthday party for Tiffany’s best friend, socialite Andrew Warren, and morphed into a quickie wedding of two mutual friends who aren’t romantically involved. Confused yet?

tiffany trump wedding dress las vegas
Tiffany Trump plays sexy flower girl. (Peter Mark Brant/Instagram)

Tiffany sported sexy stilettos and a body-hugging black mini-dress as she played flower girl at the wedding of “NYC Prep” reality star Peter Carey “PC” Peterson and socialite Quentin Esme Brown.

Tiffany threw flowers from a Tiffany & Co bag at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas as her Secret Service guard looked on uncomfortably.

tiffany trump legs wedding
(Peter Mark Brant/Instagram)

The “wedding” was captured on a since-deleted Instagram post by Peter Mark Brant, the son of billionaire businessman Peter Brant and his supermodel wife Stephanie Seymour.

Tiffany Trump is on break from Georgetown University Law School, where she’s a first-year student. The leggy blonde cutie socializes with the sons and daughters of billionaires and millionaires, as evidenced by Instagram photos posted by her friends.

In one snapshot, Tiffany poses seductively alongside BFF Andrew Warren and EJ Johnson, the openly gay son of NBA icon Magic Johnson.

Tiffany Trump partied in Vegas with best friend Andrew Warren and EJ Johnson, the son of NBA superstar Magic Johnson
Tiffany Trump partied in Vegas with best friend Andrew Warren (right) and EJ Johnson, the son of NBA superstar Magic Johnson. (Andrew Warren/Instagram)
instagram tiffany trump bikini
(Tiffany Trump/Instagram)

The “bride,” socialite Quentin Esme Brown, explained on Instagram that she married her “best friend and soulmate” even though they’re not dating each other. Brown added that she and her new husband have never had sex. “It’s pure friendship,” she gushed.

Brown wrote: “Unconventional, yet unconditional. Married to my best friend. My soulmate. The person who never turned his back on me and vice versa. We have one life. Free yourself! P.S. We have never had sex. It’s pure friendship.”

Quentin Esme Brown wedding
(Quentin Esme Brown/Instagram)

Curiously absent from the festivities was Tiffany’s boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, the son of a powerful New York real estate attorney.

Tiffany and Ross met at the University of Pennsylvania and started dating in 2015. There are rumors the two broke up, but Tiffany has never confirmed this.

Tiffany Trump and boyfriend Ross Mechanic
Tiffany Trump and boyfriend Ross Mechanic. (Instagram)

Tiffany’s freewheeling lifestyle is a stark contrast to her older sister Ivanka Trump, who was never a big party animal in her twenties. Ivanka preferred to spend her time working with her dad to build up their business empire.

By now, Tiffany is probably back at school at Georgetown Law. Classes resume this week.

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