Illegal immigration activists won’t like the results of new DHS report on terrorism

With the Democratic Party fighting tooth and nail to stop any effort to put the brakes on immigration in favor of sensible policies that are good for the country and keep its citizens safe, a new Department of Homeland Security study found that 3 of every 4 terrorism offenders since 9/11 were foreign-born.

A statistic that backs up President Donald Trump’s efforts to strengthen immigration laws.

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According to the DHS report, 73 percent — 402 — of people convicted of international terrorism-related charges from Sept. 11, 2001 until the end of 2017 were foreign-born, with 148 of those becoming naturalized U.S. citizens before committing offenses.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who would testify later in the day at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, appeared on CBS News Tuesday to say that the findings underline that “we need to be very clear who is coming into our country.”

She agreed with anchor John Dickerson that this is a clear and present danger and said the U.S. needs to improve its vetting process, to include following up on certain immigrants even after they have entered the country.

“I think what we take directly away from the report is we need to continue to enhance our screening and vetting,” Nielsen said. “But it also tells us we need to continually vet those who are here. We have examples unfortunately over the last decades of terrorist attacks from legal permanent residents and others who were naturalized.”

The DHS report released Tuesday was the result of President Trump’s executive order on preventing terrorist entry to the U.S., issued in March, The Daily Caller reported.

Homeland Security was required by the order to compile data on terrorism offenses and other public safety threats committed by foreign nationals.

The Section 11 report also showed that around 1,700 aliens who have posed “national security concerns” have been deported since Sept. 2001, according to Daily Caller.

On a side note, Nielsen, who was under oath, told the Senate panel that Trump used “tough language” in an Oval Office meeting last week, but said she did not hear him use the term “sh*thole countries” to describe some third world countries.

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