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Punks use fake gun to rob 7-Eleven, stone-cold dude walks in, shoots them: ‘Oh well, mines is real’

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Now that’s what a real hero with a gun looks like.

Two would-be robbers got more than they bargained for when they attempted to hold up a Hamilton, New Jersey convenience store.

Surveillance footage from the store showed the two thugs in hooded sweatshirts jump the counter wielding what appeared to be a weapon, demanding the store’s clerk open the cash register.

One immediately got to stealing the cash while the other could be seen in the video moving the store clerk back.

Enter the most bad-ass security guard, brandishing his own gun which he promptly fired at the punks.

Two shots took the suspects down as one could be heard shouting, “It’s fake! It’s fake!” as the guard shot him again from behind the counter.

“Oh well, mines is real,” the calm and in-control guard said, ordering the men “Get up! Put your hands behind your back.”

One suspect could be seen in the video, standing, with blood on his arm as the guard directed the off-camera store clerk to call 911.

“I’m shot?” asked one would-be thief.

“Oh, f**k yeah,” the guard responded, still aiming his real gun at the pair.

He eventually hopped the counter himself, yelling at the standing suspect to get on the ground.”You f***ed with the wrong one,” he said.

Truer words were never spoken.

Watch full video below:


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