Durbin stands by his words – even if he got them wrong – demands Trump release tapes of meeting

Sen. Dick Durbin, the Democrat who claimed President Donald Trump used the term “sh*thole countries” to describe some third world nations, launching a controversy that has now reached into the stratosphere, said he stands by his words.

…even if he got them wrong!

The Illinois lawmaker was speaking to reporters Monday amid claims from more than one Republican senator who was at the private Oval Office meeting who said they did not hear Trump use the term “sh*thole.”

“I know what happened,” Durbin insisted. “I stand behind every word that I said.”

But when a reporter off camera said there’s been some debate over whether Trump used the term Durbin attributed to him or said “sh*thouse” instead, the senator was suddenly unsure what was said.

“I don’t know that changing the word from ‘hole’ to ‘house’ changes the impact,” the lawmaker said, before trying to pivot back to the national reaction.

“I don’t think a majority of Americans agree with the president whichever word that he used,” Durbin said. “I don’t believe that a majority of the Republican Party agrees with the president, whichever word that he used.”

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Durbin then made a Nixonian request that Trump release the White House tapes.

“I don’t know if there was some other recording device in use within the Oval Office,” Durbin said. “If there was, I just want to call on the White House right now, release whatever you have.”

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