SJL on Trump’s sh*thole controversy: ‘This is direct evidence of instability of this President’

When not bumping airline passengers for preferred seating, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee busies herself with trying to impeach President Donald Trump.

Lacking the high crimes and misdemeanors needed to pull off the feat, lawmakers like the Texas Democrat are pushing the claim that Trump is not mentally fit to serve and Lee seized on his course description of some third world countries to make their far-reaching case.

Appearing on MSNBC, Lee commented on the president’s use this week of the phrase “sh*thole countries” during a private Oval Office meeting on immigration.

“I am outraged, but I will spend my weekend trying to promote and advocate for the goodness of what Dr. King stands for,” Lee said, referencing the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday.

“But I believe this is a direct evidence of the instability of this president and actions need to be taken as relate to that instability,” she added.

Being a loyal Democrat, Lee used the occasion to drive a (further?) divide between Trump and Republican leaders.

“And, finally, let me just say in this point, where are the leadership of the Republican Party?” she asked, after stressing that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should speak on the matter.

“I am the granddaughter of immigrants,” Lee said. “Where is Speaker [Paul] Ryan? Where is [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell? Not for Republican politics, but for the leadership role, the patriotic role in which they hold on this nation.”

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