‘Star Trek’ actor viciously attacks Ivanka Trump with over-the-top sexist smear, then he doubles down

In another example of liberal hypocrisy in the so-called feminist defense of women, Ivanka Trump was smeared by a “Star Trek” actor with a sexist attack on social media.

Jason Isaacs hurled insults at the first daughter in response to her tweet praising Oprah Winfrey’s “empowering & inspiring speech” at the Golden Globe Awards.

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The “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Harry Potter” actor slammed Trump as a “Brainless Barbie” in a tweet on Monday.

His remarks ignited instant reaction online as many, not surprisingly, jumped on the bashing bandwagon. Many others. however, called the actor out for his sexist attack.

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Isaacs offered no apology, naturally, but doubled down with another tweet on Tuesday.

Must be something about “Star Trek” actors as George Takei once also aimed an attack at Ivanka Trump back in November. The actor, a fierce and vocal critic of President Trump, was summarily slammed by Ivanka’s protective brother, Donald Trump Jr.

Isaacs, also a Trump critic, may have found plenty of supporters just as hypocritical as himself to applaud his derogatory tweets but he was served a generous helping of backlash by others who called him out for his bias.

A story about the tweets in Hollywood Life gleefully reported that “fans have been living for Jason’s tweets all day” but then made the hilarious mistake of asking readers to comment.

“His remarks were very rude and he acted like a bully,” one reader commented. “Small minded people have to attack anyone even remotely related to the president. Rather petty.”

Another called the actor “a rude BULLY who needs to shut his pie hole.”

Twitter users followed suit.

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