This week’s viral winner: Wife convinces husband that $275 Ulta bill was for ‘utilities’

There’s nothing like honesty in a relationship.

This Twitter user @trishaaayyye sent out a tweet on January 1st showing that her own mother is hilariously less than honest when it comes to her parents’ finances and a rather pricey trip to Ulta Beauty.

She triumphantly managed to pull the wool over his eyes by making him believe her $275 dollar Ulta charge was for their utility bills.

“My dad is going through his bank statements and goes “what’s U-L-T-A? $275 ? Is that utilities?” And my mom goes “yeah I payed the bills “ and he said thank you,” she wrote in a post that soon went viral. “I AM SCREAMING” she tweeted.

Her post blew up the Twitter world with over 567,000 likes and more than 156,000 retweets.

Some of the responses on Twitter were almost as funny her tweet.

More than a few didn’t find the humor in her dishonesty.


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