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Sean Hannity put in awkward position of taking sides in the Trump vs. Bannon feud

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity found himself in an awkward position on Wednesday’s show when he weighed in on the newly-ignited feud between President Donald Trump and former aide Steve Bannon.

As for taking sides amid the early fall out from Michael Wolff’s explosive tell-all book, “Fire and Fury,” Hannity came down squarely on the side of the American people, not the public spat between the two men.

“The media tonight, they’re hyperventilating again, foaming at the mouth at the back and forth between President Trump [and] former White House adviser Steve Bannon,” he said, questioning the media’s motives and “screwed up” priorities.

“Here’s the thing, the media loves, loves Steve Bannon for the moment,” Hannity said. “They love when Republicans or conservatives are fighting and creating a circular firing squad.

“In real life, they hate Bannon and they hate Trump,” he added. “Right now they will be supportive of Steve Bannon if they think he’s advancing their cause. They love these intramural fights. They love palace intrigue.”

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Pivoting to the American people, the Fox News host asked, “When do they ever talk about you? When are they ever about making your life better, your kids’ lives better?”

Commenting on those who work in the White House, Hannity said they are there “to serve the country and the president. That’s it. And the American people.”

“This isn’t going to be a story in 48 hours,” he said of Wolff’s book. “Instead of blowing this out of proportion, like the media always does, maybe they should be focused on this.”

Hannity then displayed a painting by Jon McNaughton.

“See that guy sitting on the bench? He represents — that’s called ‘The Forgotten Man’ painting — represents the forgotten men and women in this country,” he said. “All those people in poverty, all those people on food stamps. All those people that don’t have jobs. We should be focused on creating jobs, energy independence, securing our borders, fighting back against radical Islamists, rebuilding the military. That’s where my focus is.”

Now that’s some first-rate pivoting.

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