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Former FBI Asst. Director: ‘Nothing about the Clinton investigation was right’

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A former FBI official has serious concerns about how the investigation of Hillary Clinton was handled.

Former FBI Director James Comey. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker joined Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson and raised major red flags over the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Tucker noted the “exoneration” of Clinton before the FBI had gathered all relevant evidence and before numerous interviews of key witnesses ever happened.

“It doesn’t take a Congressional investigation [to show that] nothing about that investigation was right,” Swecker said.

“Those of us that have conducted federal criminal investigations know that you use the grand jury, you use search warrants, you don’t hand out immunities like candy. Everything investigation runs contrary to the way a real credible, thorough FBI investigation is conducted,” Swecker added.

Swecker told Tucker the lack of using a grand jury was a major tip that something was amiss.

“First and foremost, in any complicated federal investigation, the basic tool of the trade is a grand jury. Use of the grand jury to obtain records. You don’t go to witnesses and say ‘mother, may I have that computer hard drive? May I have those emails?’ You use subpoenas and process and grand jury and search warrants and that sort of process.

“That was the tip-off from the beginning.”

Swecker noted there seemed to be a change in former FBI Director’s James Comey’s approach since the days when he used to work with him.

“When Jim Comey was the deputy attorney general running the corporate thought tax force and I was running the criminal division, we play hardball in those investigations. You use grand jury process. You didn’t just ask for records and you didn’t give them an opportunity to hand over what they wanted to hand over. And if they did lawyer up you went to the trouble of throwing them in front of the grand jury to put their statement on the record, or they can take the fifth and then you can make a decision as to whether to grant them immunity at that time. But none of that was done in this case.”

The former FBI asst. director said that he and many of his former colleagues had been dumbfounded watching the events of the investigation unfold.

“The only thing I can come up with is that Director Comey placed the investigation in the hands of his inner circle, and they had their own agenda, obviously. We’ve seen that from some of the information that has since come out, the text, et cetera,” Swecker said.

Tucker asked if he thought the investigation was being manipulated by political motivation.

“I think that there were people inside that inner circle, in the Comey inner circle, that had their own predetermined opinions [about Clinton and Trump],” Swecker said.


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