MK Ham crushes Hollywood with one tweet after it picks Jimmy Kimmel to once again host Oscars

In response to a tweet noting how “spectacularly terrible” it will be having late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Oscars this year, conservative pundit Mary Katharine Ham crushed Hollywood with a single tweet.

While some women in the entertainment industry are making a serious effort to fight against sexual harassment in the workplace, for too many in Hollywood, there is little more than sanctimonious lecturing.

And amid all the attention on inappropriate behavior, Ham reminded social media of Kimmel’s role in “the Juggies auditions.”


Even more hilarious, she used the hashtag #popejimmy to mock Kimmel for his late night lectures on the latest liberal cause due jour.

“Juggies” being a bit on “The Man Show” that featured large-breasted women wearing bikinis. Kimmel co-hosted the show with Adam Corolla in the 90s — the program also featured scantily clad women bouncing on trampolines.

Here’s a sampling of the wares:

Social media users were down with Ham’s take on Kimmel, offering their own take on just how awful the Kimmel-hosted Oscars award show will be.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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