Trump to firefighters in FL: ‘You do a fantastic job so we just wanted to thank you very much’

President Donald Trump made sure Florida first responders knew he noticed the “fantastic job” they do and that he was grateful for their service.

Making an unscheduled stop at a West Palm Beach fire department on Wednesday, Trump thanked the firefighters and paramedics.

“You do a fantastic job so we just wanted to thank you very much. Really fantastic people,” Trump told the men and women of Fire Rescue Station No. 2.

The president has been staying at his Palm Beach private resort, Mar-a-Lago, where he spent Christmas with his family.

The president noted that his administration is working on “rebuilding our military” and is providing new military equipment to police departments, which were “depleted” under the former President Obama’s administration.

“You guys were depleted, too. We’re giving you, and particularly the police, we’re giving them military equipment, which was taken away by the previous administration,” Trump said.  “You know all about that. And now you’re getting the military equipment. They didn’t want you to use the military equipment. Somebody will explain why. But now you have the best military equipment and you’re able to use it for the police force.”

Trump added that “we want to give these people credit for the great job they do.”

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Image: screenshot

“So thank you all very much. We appreciate it,” he concluded.  “Now I’ll go back to Palm Beach and you go back also watch yourselves on television, all right? Create some stars in here, chief.”

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