Trump approval ratings see boost heading into 2018

They may not be where they arguably should be given his significant accomplishments in 2017, but at least President Trump’s poll numbers are trending in the right direction.

For the first time since November 15, the president’s daily Rasmussen approval ratings have hit 45 percent. This is likely a result of Trump’s first major legislative accomplishment, the GOP tax reform bill, and a relatively media-manufactured scandal-free few weeks of the holiday season.

Other than the first several weeks, President Trump’s approval ratings in this particular poll have generally ranged between 40 and 46 percent, and had reached an all-time low in August of 38 percent. In the days following November 15, the last time the number was at 45 percent, the numbers had dipped as low as 41 percent.

Before November, Trump had reached 45 percent or better in both early October and early September.

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Although other polls, such as FiveThirtyEight and Gallup’s daily polls, put President Trump’s numbers significantly lower (both below 40 percent), Rasmussen has proven itself, particularly by its 2016 election polling, to be the most accurate.

Nevertheless, Trump supporters shouldn’t reach too much into these polling numbers. Not only is all of Washington polling poorly these days, but presidential approval polling numbers are generally the result of whatever narrative the media is pushing any given day and have little to do with whether that president would be elected again in a binary choice.

With a hostile national media constantly nipping at his heels, it’s a miracle Trump’s approval numbers are even what they are.

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Scott Morefield


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