A young boy has some choice words when told Santa delivers presents to his house on Christmas

A boy had some choice words when he learned that Santa will be delivering presents to his house on Christmas.

A woman — presumably the young boy’s mother — explained how Christmas works and told the boy, Leo, that jolly ol’ St. Nick makes home deliveries.

“What the f*ck,” the little rascal exclaimed, struggling to believe his good fortune.

Leo was quickly “reprimanded” from his seemingly shocked mother, with a hearty laugh, and that’s when the “cute factor” goes off the scale.

“You can’t do that, it’s naughty,” the boy replied, before adding that Santa’s not going to be coming to his house now.

The woman didn’t try to dissuade him that Santa might not be showing up, telling the boy he used a “silly word.”

While that may be a lenient way to describe an F-bomb, the facial expressions seen from Leo are priceless.

Tom Tillison


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