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‘Thank You, President Trump’: Americans send White House a video Christmas card with list of accomplishments

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Despite all the doomsday talk from the other side of the political aisle, Americans have much to be grateful for.

Political action group, American First Policies, went so far as to launch an ad to thank President Trump for his many (and looking back, astonishing) accomplishments throughout his first year in office.

And oh, what a year it’s been!

Love him or not, Trump has managed to move mountains while fighting a monumental battle with furious Democrats and their media lapdogs. He’s also had to contend with less-than-friendly establishment Republican lawmakers and their “never-Trump” following.

Whether it’s slashing bureaucratic red tape and job stifling regulations, pounding ISIS into oblivion, making a bold stand for the national anthem, unleashing America’s ties to the Paris Climate Accord, declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, taking on the insane P.C. culture, or launching the stock market into the stratosphere, Trump always seems to land on his feet.

To cap off the year, Trump celebrated the historic passing of sweeping tax reform.

And who reaps the rewards? The American people do.

It’s no wonder a large swath of America is trying to find ways to say “thank you” to President Trump this Christmas. Perhaps, by next year nearly everyone will be onboard.

After the year 2017, we can firmly declare that nothing is impossible.

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