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The Five co-host on SNL actor’s Hillary tattoo: ‘Congrats, now you both have an ass on your arm’

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Some atrocities don’t need explanation, but Greg Gutfeld couldn’t resist the temptation to hammer a young actor’s questionable judgement.

“It’s just too easy. A story too easy to ridicule, making it too hard to ignore. Pete Davidson, the nice kid from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ he got a tattoo of Hillary on his arm,” Gutfeld said to open a segment on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” on Monday.

Too hard to ignore indeed. The young actor’s tattoo made news on Sunday, not only because millions of people believe Hillary Clinton is one of the most entrenched, corrupt politicians ever to have served in U.S. politics, but also because the ink looks nothing like Hillary Clinton.

Gutfeld dug in.

“When one of his friends asked [Davidson] why, he said it was because ‘Hillary was a badass.’ Now he has something in common with Hillary… They both have an ass on their arm. Hers is named Bill.”

Gutfeld confessed that Davidson got some laughs, but not the kind he probably would want.

“I could say this is the funniest thing Peter has ever done, but that’s too easy. I could say it’s the funniest thing to come out of ‘SNL,’ but that’s too easy. I could laugh hysterically at this inaccurate likeness of Hillary.”

Gutfeld went on to list the many possible options that would have been better than a Hillary portrait before bashing the young actor for his desperate and drastic virtue signaling.

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Greg Gutfeld believes this unicorn would have been a far better option than a Hillary tat.

“We get it. You care. You are morally superior but woefully transparent.

“Tattoos illustrate decisions based on feelings and with something you really regret,” Gutfeld added. “Like choosing Hillary as your candidate.”


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