Trump appears with new hat bearing defiant 3-word slogan after presidential trip suddenly cancelled

After President Donald Trump’s planned trip to Camp David was cancelled due to bad weather, he felt it was time to ditch the MAGA hat and don something a bit more defiant.

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Trump  paced on the South Lawn at the White House ready to face the inclement weather and get aboard Marine One on his merry way to the famed presidential retreat.

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The president strolled on the grass amid the December gloom of Washington D.C. ‘No, no, don’t trouble me now,’ he seemed to say as he waved to journalists and photographers.

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If anyone wanted to know what he was thinking, all they had to do was read his hat. It wasn’t the Make America Great Again hat that he made famous.

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“Presidential Helicopter Squadron,” it read in blue letters emblazoned on a white cap.

The president was asked about the new hat at a recent press conference.

“So they gave me this hat,” Trump explained. “It says: ‘Presidential Helicopter Squadron.’  Would you wear it?  Now, no other President would do this.  But I will, because I’m proud of you.  I’m proud of you.  What the hell.”

Trump then addressed the servicemen who take care of Marine One.

“Oh, you are nice.  I can’t see you in this.  (Laughter.),” he said. “You are — you mean, so you’re the ones taking care of my helicopter, right?  (Applause.)  I better be nice to you.  (Laughter.)  I better be nice to you.”

“I want to congratulate — I know the talent” the president continued. “I’ve had many helicopters.  You know, I’m very spoiled; I’ve had helicopters.  (Laughter.)  And we ordered a couple of big, beautiful new ones.  You know about that, right?  They paid a lot more than I would have paid, and I would have had them even better, but we won’t talk about that.  They paid a lot of money.”

Screenshot: White House

“But I want to thank Colonel Hoffman very much.  The job you do is incredible,” the president said. “The job that this group of people do is incredible.  Colonel, how many presidents have come out to see them?  Who was that?”

Screenshot: White House

“Eight years ago,” an unidentified audience member shouted.

“Oh, eight years ago.  Good.  Good.  President Obama, no?” the president said to applause. “I don’t know,” he added.

Screenshot: White House

“Well, it is great to be here, surrounded by the Marines,” Trump said. ” You know, I have a four-star Marine.  We just had to get it right.  So I picked a four-star Marine.  Could have picked a lot people.  Everybody wants to be Chief of Staff, right?  But I had to go to the Marines.”

Talk about a wonderful reason to change up the presidential hat game.

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