NY Gov. Cuomo shuts down female reporter when confronted about sexual misconduct of state officials

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was not in the mood for a grilling over sexual harassment in state government.

Not only did Cuomo become annoyed with a female journalist over her inquiries, he told her she was doing a “disservice to women.”

NYS Public Radio’s Karen DeWitt asked about Sam Hoyt, a former aide who resigned in October over allegations of paying hush money after sleeping with a coworker and was later sued by a second woman for sexual harassment, the Free Beacon reported.

But Cuomo wasn’t having it.

“You did have [harassment] going on within your own administration allegedly, with Sam Hoyt. What could you do differently to kind of pick up on that?” DeWitt asked.

“You have it going on in journalism,” he shot back. “What are you going to do differently?”

Undeterred, DeWitt dug in and continued to grill Cuomo on the subject until he went into a rambling rant.

“No, it’s about you and journalism, and it’s about you and journalism,” Cuomo shot back. “And it’s about state government, and it’s about carpentry—”

Wait, what?

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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

DeWitt tried to get the frazzled Governor back on track, and asked if his administration was going to do anything differently to stop sexual harassment in the government workplace.

Cuomo glossed over implementing “policies in state government” before he let DeWitt know how he really felt.

“When you say ‘it’s state government,’ you do a disservice to women, with all due respect, even though you’re a woman,” he said. “It’s not government. It’s society.”

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In other words… be a good little Democrat and stop criticizing the almighty government. And only a Democrat could get away with saying it.


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