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Maxine Waters unleashes attack on Fox News over Alabama race, proves she never watches the channel

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They don’t call her “Mad Maxine” Waters for nothing.

In her haste to grandstand over Democrat Doug Jones’ win against Roy Moore the feisty, and almost always incorrect, California Rep. took an ignorant swipe at Fox News.

Jones narrowly won Alabama’s special election on Tuesday, becoming the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in the deep red state in over 20 years.

Fox News was arguably the only network that didn’t outwardly convict Republican Roy Moore over decades old allegations of sexual misconduct that surfaced for the first time just before the election.

In other words … the news network was “fair and balanced.”

In an amazing display of ignorance Waters not only claimed that Fox was “lying on everybody,” but accused the network of being “quiet” after it was determined Jones had won.


Fox News ran the findings of its own poll throughout the hours before the election that had Jones leading Moore by 10 points with likely voters.

Bourbon with that? Sarah Sanders hilariously trolls April Ryan… nearly drives Rosie O’Donnell over the edge!

Not only did Fox predict Moore’s defeat, the network called it at the same time most of the other major networks did. Fox even went so far as to “throw Steve Bannon under the bus” according to the very liberal Media Matters.

Bannon went all out to back Moore but it wasn’t enough, and Fox News commentator Brit Hume was quick to point it out.

“Steve Bannon, a man we’ve been given to believe was a master political strategist … a big player outside the White House … maybe not.” Hume said Tuesday night.

That’s not exactly being “quiet” about the election as Waters put it. Which only proves once again that Waters will say whatever will gin up her base … no matter how baseless.


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