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CNN says Anderson Cooper ‘hacked’ after incendiary tweet to Donald Trump, but that may not explain this…

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper must have had a really (and we do mean really) late night celebrating Doug Jones’ victory over Roy Moore, because apparently he doesn’t remember sending out a tweet in the wee hours of the morning calling President Trump a “pathetic loser” and a “tool.”

And yet, there it was, from Cooper’s verified account, for all the world to see:

Tell us how you really feel, Anderson.

The tweet was posted in response to President Trump’s explanation of why he originally endorsed Luther Strange, because “Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election.”


“Oh Really?” said Cooper’s account. “You endorsed him you tool! Pathetic loser.”

Not long after it was posted, the tweet was deleted and replaced with one stating that someone had “gained access” to the account.

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So, a rare moment of extreme candor from the ultra-liberal “Fake News” host, or a bona fide hack? It’s hard to know for sure. A CNN spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the tweet was posted from his assistant’s phone, which had been “unlocked and unattended at the gym.”

BuzzFeed’s Julia Reinstein reports:

In other words, CNN is denying it entirely and stating they have proof that Cooper wasn’t even in the same city as the tweet was posted from.

A hacker at the gym… a likely story.

Or is it?

Fox News contributor Stephen Miller thinks otherwise, and it’s hard to argue with his logic:


Which led to some pretty hilarious responses:

What really happened? We’ll likely never know, but Mark Dice has the most logical explanation:

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