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Sheila Jackson Lee sends hilarious congratulations to ‘Doug Moore’ after Alabama election, and yes, there’s a kicker

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Roy Moore is apparently living rent-free in Sheila Jackson Lee’s head. The Democratic congresswoman congratulated “Doug Moore” for winning the Alabama senate race. Who?

“Sweet home Alabama. Thank you Alabamians and Doug Moore,” Lee tweeted Tuesday night. “Good has prevailed and our country is on the way to a new day. #IKneel”

Sheila Jackson Le dough moore
Sheila Jackson Lee’s fake braids must be squeezing her cranium too tight. (screenshot)

The Texas congressman mistakenly called fellow Democrat Doug Jones “Doug Moore” after Jones pulled off an upset victory against Roy Moore.

Lee also used the hashtag #IKneel for her “blunder-ful” tweet. Way to stay on topic!

Perhaps that was an homage to her virtue-signaling gesture of taking a knee on the floor of Congress to support NFL players protesting Trump. Lee later deleted her tweet, but here’s a screengrab:

Lee has a history of epic gaffes, including calling herself “a freed slave” even though slavery ended 85 years before she born, and proclaiming the U.S. Constitution is “400 years old.”

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Meanwhile, Twitter had a blast reacting to Sheila Jackson Lee’s latest flub.  One man named Doug Moore responded to Lee’s thank-you by tweeting, “You’re…welcome?”

Others simply expressed disbelief at Lee’s cluelessness.

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