As Roy Moore election starts to tilt his way, Democrats are already complaining about “voter suppression”

The Alabama special election is one of the most heavily watched Senate elections in recent memory.

Early results have Roy Moore taking a lead ahead of Doug Jones with 40 percent reporting.

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As the reports begin to show GOP senate candidate Roy Moore broadening his lead, reports of “voter suppression” are making their way into the liberal media.

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As Mother Jones reported:

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law had received 235 calls to its voter hotline as of 3:24 p.m. The group aims to provide live assistance to voters, and it’s unclear how many of the calls were to report voting irregularities rather than simply asking for assistance. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has been collecting reports of voting problems in Alabama, some of them secondhand, including multiple reports of people being put on inactive status and erroneously prevented from voting.

“Some of these voters are told that they cannot vote,” Coty Montag, the director of litigation at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, wrote in a roundup on Tuesday afternoon. “Others are being given provisional ballots. The correct [procedure] is that voters who appear on the inactive list must be allowed an opportunity to re-identify and vote a regular ballot.”

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As “evidence,” Mother Jones held up reports from people on Twitter.

That’s not all, folks! There were other reports besides “Ya Girl Brittany’s.”

So here’s your tip-off of a coming narrative should Roy Moore continue his lead and pull out the victory: The election was “stolen.”

Kyle Becker


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