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Despite all-hands-on-deck media onslaught, Roy Moore actually rising in the polls

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Despite confusion over who wrote what in a yearbook inscription and an all-hands-on-deck media onslaught, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is rising in the polls.

In a sign of just how much Americans distrust the media today, given the wall to wall negative coverage of Moore over claims of sexual misconduct, Fox Business reported Friday – just four days before Tuesday’s election –  that the Real Clear Politics polling average shows Moore ahead of his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, by 2.3 points.


The latest polling results come as “Never Trump” conservatives wage war on Moore, led by 2016 independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, whose super PAC is spending $500,000 on ads against the Alabama Republican, according to Fox Business.

In a move sure to help the candidate’s cause, Beverly Young Nelson, the woman who accused Moore of sexual assault, undermined her credibility when she admitted this week she wrote part of the inscription in her yearbook attributed to Moore. Nelson told ABC News she wrote what was characterized as notes beneath Moore’s signature.

Having fame-seeking feminist attorney Gloria Allred sitting next to her didn’t help matters much when it came to Nelson’s credibility.

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp said Moore’s initial drop in the polls happened after “Republican leaders in Washington, D.C., castigated him and told Alabama voters what they should and should not do.”

“I think voters across this country are very tired of D.C. Republicans dictating to them the personal moral choice on how they should vote and I think it has reverberated and had the opposite impact,” he said.

FOX Business contributor Rachel Campos Duffy and Schlapp discuss Moore’s bump in the polls below.

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