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Democrats freak out after term “climate change” starts disappearing from EPA website

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Right before Democrats’ eyes, references to climate change are being removed from the webpages of the  Environmental Protection Agency.

In a report released Friday, a study by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative found the removal of several references to climate change and the EPA’s use of renewable energy back in the fall, CNN reported.

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The group states that it monitors “changes to tens of thousands of federal environmental agency web pages because the effects of proposed changes to federal environmental governance under the current administration could be sweeping and long-lasting.”

“Our work here involves documenting and analyzing data that disappears from public view, and also monitoring and analyzing how data, information, and their presentation may change, sometimes in subtle but significant ways,” the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative webpage states.

According to CNN, this is not the first time the EPA has removed any references to climate change on its website:

CNN reported previously that the Trump administration has been swapping out the phrase “climate change,” while avoiding references to global warming. And in April, environmental groups were dismayed when climate change information was removed from the EPA site with a message that the page was being updated to “reflect the approach of new leadership.”

But searching the term “climate change” on the webpage still yields more than 5,000 results, according to CNN and the report documented the changes reported by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative.

Image: EPA

The report revealed that about 15 uses of the phrase “climate change” have been removed from the EPA’s homepage.

A spokesperson for the EPA, which is under leadership by Trump-appointed Scott Pruitt, told The New York Times that the original pages have been archived but are still available.

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