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‘Eat a bullet’: Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin challenger drops scalding response to conservative journalist

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Paul Nehlen is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan for the Republican nomination in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district and he raised a few eyebrows on Wednesday with a scalding response to a conservative journalist.

A response that suggested adding a bullet to the reporter’s diet.

Nehlen, who bills himself a “constitutional conservative,” was engaged in a spirited  back and forth on social media with The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski and resorted to an apparent cheap shot over Gutowski’s weight, calling him “chub-a-dub.”


That prompted RedState’s Ben Howe to weigh in to tell Nehlen, “You seem like a real piece of sh*t.”

Further alienating the pudgy vote, Nehlen replied to say that he appeared to “have the entire fatty caucus against me this evening.”

And that’s when New York Post columnist John Podhoretz entered the fray, offering a dietary tip of his own.

“Maybe you should eat something,” Podhoretz suggested to Nehlen. “Your brain needs nourishment. It’s the size of a pea.”

In a perfect world, Nehlen would have been giving as good as he got, but that was not the case… and an abundance of frustration over this may explain his reply, such as it was:

“Do us all a favor, Podhoretz. Eat a bullet,” the constitutional conservative fired back.


The response his suggestion elicited from Podhoretz made for an entertaining night on Twitter.

Staying with the foodie theme, he tweeted: “See what I mean? You have all the wit of a rotted rutabaga. Any minimally functioning brain could respond more cleverly, Paulie my boy.”

And there went the neighborhood, not to mention a few sorely needed votes — Nehlen ran against Ryan in 2016, garnering just 16 percent of the vote.

Here’s a sampling of responses to his “Eat a bullet” remark from Twitter:


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