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Tom Hanks can be added to list of stars who knew Hollywood is a sexual sleazefest

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Yet another A-list movie star has come forward to say sexual abuse is a longstanding Hollywood tradition, with Harvey Weinstein leading the parade.

…which leaves the question, if so many powerful players knew about it, how did the sexual sleazefest continue for so long?

When it comes to Hollywood royalty, no name is bigger than Tom Hanks and the actor told CNN’s David Axelrod that Tinsel Town has always been a breeding ground for bad behavior.

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“In a lot of ways we all left town and joined the circus, and the circus is glamorous in a lot of ways,” he said in an interview set to air Saturday evening. “There is camaraderie and there is sex and there’s attraction and there’s boyfriends and girlfriends and there is flirting and that’s always been part of … there’s on-set affairs.”

But Hanks said the allegations leveled against the likes of producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey go “much farther beyond that.”

Getty Weinstein, 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards
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Hanks was supportive of those who have come forward with stories of abuse and said that tolerating such behavior should not be a condition for employment.

“When it is inherent in the workforce that you join, that you have to succumb to a degree of sexual harassment in order to keep your job, when that happens, the only thing you can say is, number one, I hope the victims come out and tell all sorts of stories, everything, tell the truth about what goes on,” he said.

“And that the repercussions land exactly as they should,” the actor added, suggesting sexual predators should get what’s coming to them.

As for Weinstein, Hanks was not surprised that the producer was among the accused, further proving that EVERYBODY knew about the creep.

“Am I surprised by some of the personalities involved? Not Harvey,” he said. “He had a way of doing business … that would not make you surprised to have him be one of those kind of guys that does that in the workplace.”

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