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Florida man goes on murder rampage: Kills mother with axe, stabs sister, reports say

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Residents of east Orlando are in shock after an unexpected murder rocked their community.

Adam Farney, 27, was arrested Monday on charges of bludgeoning his mother to death with an ax and attempting to stab his sister to death, Orlando Sentinel reports.

Adam Farney (left) allegedly murdered his mother, Lois (right), by bludgeoning her head with an ax. (Photo: Facebook).

The sister, Autumn Farney, told police she heard her mother call out for help from the porch, saying something along the lines of “Adam, no.”

When she ran outside to see what was happening, Autumn said she saw Adam standing over their mother, Lori, with an ax. Autumn questioned Adam, after which he allegedly attacked her with a knife, stabbing her in the collarbone.

According to the Orange County police report, Adam placed his hands around Autumn’s throat and tried to strangle her.

Autumn Farney (left) with her mother, Lori. Autumn called police after her brother stabbed her with a knife. (Photo: Facebook).

He placed her head underwater to drown her while Autumn swung a knife overhead in self-defense, although she said she was unsure if the blade made contact with her brother.

Autumn managed to escape to a neighbor’s home, from where she called the police at 11pm. Adam barricaded himself in the house for hours until a SWAT team persuaded him to surrender.

Lori was pronounced dead, having suffered devastating wounds to the head. Adam was hospitalized before being taken to the Orange County jail, where he will be booked for charges of first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

Lori Farney pictured with her grandson. (Photo: Facebook).

Adam did not provide a motive for the attack. But Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel said Adam Farney has a history of mental illness.

Earlier this year, he was admitted to a mental health facility under Florida’s Baker Act, a law that allows people to be involuntarily detained and given mental health evaluations if they threaten themselves or others.


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