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MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ hosts busted in GIANT lie; the audience is flabbergasted and they are not alone

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Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough’s post-Thanksgiving Day turkey talk turned out to be a lot of baloney.

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” tried to pull a fast one on Friday as they pretended their day-after-Thanksgiving show was live. The program, however, had been pre-recorded.

“Day after Thanksgiving… I’m stuffed,” Brzezinski exclaimed as the show opened, with her co-host and fiancé agreeing.

Later in the program, the ruse continued as Brzezinski joked about not removing the packaged turkey parts from inside the “still frozen” bird before cooking it.

“I always cook the turkey with the guts in it!” she said.

“Joe didn’t notice. He ate the bag,” co-anchor Willie Geist said.

“It was good… the game last night made up for it,” Scarborough chimed in, stifling a giggle.

MSNBC contributor, Rick Tyler, shared that his holiday was “very successful” and “the conversations were interesting.”

Although there was no disclaimer or announcement that the show, which airs live on MSNBC five days a week, was pre-recorded, the “Live” graphic at the bottom of the screen was removed.

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The hosts continued their banter and eventually turned to discussing – and attacking – their favorite subject,  President Trump.

The “Morning Joe” crew never mentioned the biggest story breaking that morning, however: Friday’s deadly terrorist attack on a mosque in Egypt which obviously had not happened yet when the show was being taped.

The Washington Post reported on the apparent deception after a regular “Morning Joe” viewer contacted the publication asking if MSNBC was airing “fake news.”

“I was quite flabbergasted by the way they were so deceptive about this . . . especially when they are always so quick to castigate lying [or] deception they attribute to others,” the viewer said.

An anonymous MSNBC executive confirmed to the Post that the program wasn’t live.

“There was no intention to trick viewers,” she said.

“Would it have helped if there was a disclaimer,” she added.  “Maybe. But that’s not typically done.”

Others were not so quick to dismiss the deceit and called out the show on social media.

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