You can feel the electricity on MSNBC when guest drops mad game on Katy Tur: ‘You matter’

Defense One executive editor Kevin Baron used an MSNBC appearance with host Katy Tur to add a little “game” to their discussion on President Trump and the military.

During the segment, Baron said, “If you’re a commander, you’re waiting for your commander to, like us, to decipher, alright, that’s what Trump said, but what’s really going to happen? What’s the policy going to be, what’s the new strategy? If you’re a troop out in the field, you know who knows? He still has just as much support amongst them as he does among the American public. So, it does matter to have a president say we’re going to go after them in one breath, and in the other breath say we shouldn’t have anything to do with it.”

“We keep saying words matter. Words matter, facts matter, all of these things. Kevin Baron, lovely to see you,” said Tur.

To which Baron smiled and responded, “You matter.”

“You matter, my friend. thank you very much,” a smiling Tur said, “good to have you here in person.”


OK sure, it may be awkward as hell, but let’s give Baron some credit. At least it doesn’t come from the Al Franken playbook on how to pick up women!

Baron knows he’s got mad game

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Scott Morefield


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