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Marine ‘Whiskey Cobra’ helicopter makes unplanned stop on soccer field – the reason’s hilarious

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An AH-1W Super Cobra helicopter, nicknamed “Whiskey Cobra,” made a dramatic, albeit unscheduled landing in the middle of a ball field for what proved to be a rather mundane reason, if not hilarious.

A forgotten cellphone.

A group of Marines visited the Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor, Maine, Saturday and one of them accidentally left their cell phone behind, the Mount Desert Islander reported.

SG Whiskey Cobra

One of the Marines called the diner to see if the cellphone was there, before sharing how they planned to return.

“We’re landing a helicopter at the ball field,” the voice on the phone said.

The athletic fields in the town are used by LifeFlight as a landing zone, the newspaper noted.

After determining that the field was a 10 minute walk from the restaurant, which was busy at the time, a dishwasher was tapped to run the phone to the impromptu landing site.

“I got chosen to be the person to go,” Bruce Lambert said. “I hopped in the car.”

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SG Whiskey Cobra

Two helicopters were seen in the air, with one landing while the other circled above.

The dishwasher received a nice reward for his efforts.

“He pulled the [velcro] patch off of his jacket and handed it to me,” Lambert said of the Marine’s gesture to say thank you.

Tom Tillison


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