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Anchors lose it during live broadcast, ‘titter’ explodes into uncontrollable, contagious laughter

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Casey Wheeless, a Tennessee news anchor, lost control during a live broadcast in which she was reporting on Twitter removing verifications for some users.

The morning anchor and reporter for WVLT in Knoxville started laughing uncontrollably when she mispronounced the social media giant as ‘Titter,’ trying desperately to regain her composure after the mess-up.

“Last week, Titter — Twitter — said guidelines were being updated due to confusion,” she said.

Less than a minute later she was giggling so hard she could barely speak.

“OK … all right, pulling it together now. It’s 5:37, good Thursday morning to you … Can we go to break? She barely squeezed out.

In a futile attempt by the network to save the broadcast, the camera cut to her co-anchor Bob Yarbrough, who was also laughing hysterically.

Ironically, titter is a real word and it means a short, half-suppressed laugh.

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