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First of its kind anti-Trump hotel will be the ultimate ‘safe space’ for libs in DC

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The left has effectively politicized nearly every aspect of life as part of their never-ending quest to wipe out points-of-view they find “triggering.”

Now liberals are on the verge of creating the ultimate safe space, with a brand new hotel set to stand not far from Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

Eaton Workshop is branding itself as the antithesis of Washington, D.C.’s Trump hotel–a refuge for liberals and liberal ideas.

The makers of the left-wing Eaton Workshop hotel envision it as a challenge to America’s Republican President, complete with liberal artwork and materials for organizing anti-Trump protests.

Once the hotel opens later this year the TVs in the lobby will be programmed to play footage from the 2012 and 2016 elections nonstop, Bloomberg reports. The purpose: the help Eaton Workshop’s residents figure out why President Trump won the 2016 election against all odds.

How liberals are ever supposed to discover their failings by living in a literal left-wing echo-chamber is something the forces behind Eaton Workshop haven’t stopped to consider.

But the hotel’s founder, Katherine Lo, is committed to keeping her creation ideologically pure.

“The goal isn’t to bring together left and right,” Lo says. “We wanted to emphasize that it’s a place for people who are thinking outside the box and want to effect a change in the world.”

Lo is the daughter of Ka Shui Lo, the creator and executive chairman of Hong Kong-based Langham Hospitality Group Ltd. She’s simultaneously working on a Hong Kong location of Eaton Workshop, which is scheduled to open its doors in 2018.

Like Ivanka Trump, Eaton Workshop founder Katherine Lo is the daughter of a wealthy luxury hotel tycoon–Hong Kong billionaire Ka Shui Lo.

It almost seems like Lo is trying to paint herself as the liberal version of Ivanka Trump. She speaks about her experimental leftist refuge with a child-like enthusiasm.

The hotel will feature organic mattresses, art from local artists, and an “inner-health-focused” wellness program.

“We plan to have new ideas in the minibar—an activist toolkit, for example, that includes sheets with information to help you call your congresspeople,” Lo describes with glee. “And if we’d been open during this year’s Women’s March, I could have seen us putting poster boards and markers in the rooms!”

Eaton Worshop will also invite artists to create films, podcasts, and other forms of politically-charged works in its in-house multimedia studio. Artists can then display their content at the hotel’s movie theater, radio station, and music venue at little-to-no-cost.

Investigative reporters will be encouraged to sign up for the hotel’s writers’s residency, most likely while they’re in search of the latest scoop to try to impeach President Trump.

Eaton Workshop will combine luxury with progressive activism.

Eaton Workshop certainly sounds like a liberal paradise. But will openly catering to only one side of the political aisle be good for business?

Given the fact that most people in Washington, D.C. are part of the establishment swamp, this leftist hotel may actually make turn an enviable profit.


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