Shame on Mitt Romney and CNN; at least one guest has the guts to say Moore is innocent until proven guilty

Even former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is ready to wave due process for Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

Setting a precedent that will make any candidate for public office susceptible to the claims of a single individual, a reality that could turn politics in America on its head, the political class has declared Alabama Moore guilty as charged.

Moore insisted Friday that he  did not know the woman who has made underage sex allegations against him and has denied the claim, saying he’s a victim of conspiracy.

But don’t dare try to defend the U.S. Senate candidate on cable news.

A CNN panel on Don Lemon’s show erupted when CNN contributor Ed Martin called the claim against Moore an “old-fashioned political hit” by people who don’t want to see Moore elected.

“I believe Roy Moore, because why? Because after 40 years, and 40 days before the election, you get a political hit?” Martin replied, when Lemon asked who he believes.

“If you’re remotely serious, you have to first say what is this woman?” he continued. She’s got multiple bankruptcies, it’s reported. She’s got multiple false accusations, it’s reported. Is any of that being covered?”

Fellow panelist Evan McMullin, who ran against President Donald Trump last year as an independent candidate, insisted that it is “increasingly difficult for decent people” to associate with the GOP with people like Martin defending Moore.

“You just heard Ed attacking a woman who is a victim. She’s a victim,” McMullin said. “She was a Trump voter, she’s a Republican voter. Yes, she’s had a troubled life. Many people who are assaulted and sexually abused as children then go on to have challenges in life. That’s not uncommon.”

“And here you are attacking her.”

Watch the full exchange, which gets heated at times, in the video below:

Tom Tillison


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