USA Today just outdid itself and unveils deadly new AR-15 feature: the ‘chainsaw bayonet’

No they didn’t.

As if an AR-15 style rifle wasn’t menacing enough, given the bad press such firearms receive, USA Today went one step further by attaching a chainsaw, the mother of all bayonets.

In the wake of Sunday’s massacre at a Texas church, USA Today informed its readers that AR-15 style rifles are “the weapon of choice” in many mass shootings, wasting no time associating the NRA with the weapon.

Channeling inner-fears driven by watching “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” one too many times  — after all, the church was IN Texas — the newspaper neglects to tell all the war junkies out there a chainsaw bayonet doesn’t exist.

Equally eye-opening was that USA Today felt compelled to remind readers that the gunman “did not use a chainsaw bayonet” Sunday.

The article does mention the obvious, that the AR-15 has “gotten a bad rap” and that its popularity is more about perception.

“There are rifles that are more powerful and more dangerous than that, but they’re not being used,” master firearms instructor Dean Hazen explained in the piece.

Nonetheless, social media users weren’t about to let USA Today “off the hook” for their absurd claim.

Sometimes, all one can do is laugh…

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