Stephen Colbert piles on with a gun control analogy and it backfires – spectacularly

Late night TV hosts continue to think they have been crowned America’s moral conscience.

But when so-called late night funnyman Stephen Colbert tried to politicize the tragic church massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, he was promptly roasted.

“You wanna do something, but nothing gets done. No one does anything,” he complained on Monday night’s Late Show while talking about the Texas shooting that took the lives over two dozen church-goers.

“Nothing gets done to control the guns that kill 10,000 people a year around America—not just in these mass killings,” Colbert lectured.

“Five thousand years ago if your village had a tiger coming into it every day and was eating people, you wouldn’t do nothing. You would move the village, you would build a fence, or you would kill the tiger,” he continued.. “You wouldn’t say, well, I guess, y’know, someone’s going to get eaten every day because the price of liberty is: tigers.”

Colbert’s rant backfired in an epic way as the analogy seemed to reinforce the complete opposite of the liberal nonsense he was spouting.

Twitter users swiftly set him straight.

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Frieda Powers


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