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Texas man has fierce message for liberals trying to take away gun owners’ rights

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A Texas man defending gun owners wondered how much worse the Sutherland Springs shooting would have been if liberals “had their way.”

Mike Jordan, whose son was a witness to the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church on Sunday that left 26 people dead, questioned whether some of the casualties could have been prevented in an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Monday.

“Yes, you have a psycho shooting from the outside in,” Jordan said, but “if you have one person on the inside that is armed, to return fire, it may not have stopped people from dying but it would have stopped that many people from dying.”

Jordan, who was wearing a “Buy a Gun. Annoy a Liberal” T-Shirt, blasted Democrats for their anti-gun rhetoric.

“The NRA, Republicans, no one’s responsible for this and the left keeps putting blame,” He told host Lauara Ingraham.

Image: screenshot Fox News

“Yesterday, a very good friend of mine engaged the shooter with his AR-15. He ran from his home to the shooting site less than a block from his house here,” Jordan recounted.  “He engaged the shooter with his AR-15 and he shot the guy. We know for a fact that he shot him at least two to three times. It stopped the guy. It stopped him. From that point the shooter then ran, got in his vehicle. My friend shot him again. They pursued and later down the road, after a chase, the guy crashed and that was the end of it.”

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But the Sutherland Springs resident pointed out that things could have unfolded differently if liberals had their way with gun laws.

“Right now the count is we lost 26 people that we lost yesterday in this tragedy. But there was many more people in that church,” Jordan said. “If the liberals had their way and we’re not able to protect ourselves and he was not able to do what he did, think about how many more people would have died.”

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