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Hope Hicks turns heads in chic tuxedo at Japanese state dinner

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Hope Hicks was a fashion hit after sporting a chic black-and-white tuxedo during President Trump’s state dinner with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

The 29-year-old White House communications director earned raves for her androgynous look, which many called “edgy” and “sexy.”

Hicks softened her look with feminine pink lipstick, smoky eye makeup, and flowing brunette locks.

Some media outlets tried to play up a faux rivalry by claiming Hicks had “upstaged” First Lady Melania Trump, who wore an elegant red evening gown.

But the truth is, they both looked gorgeous. The pictures don’t lie.

Hope Hicks was named White House communications director in September 2017 after a brief stint as the WH director of strategic communications. Despite being a PR executive, Hicks has deliberately shunned press interviews, is not active on social media, and does not even have a Twitter account.

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Before joining the Trump administration, Hicks — who was briefly a teen model during her youth — did public relations work for Ivanka Trump’s successful fashion line.

There have been persistent rumors claiming Hicks posed in a bikini in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. That is false. Hope’s doppelganger is 30-year-old American model Hilary Rhoda.

hope hicks model hilary rhoda bikini
Model Hilary Rhoda often gets confused for Hope Hicks. (Images: SI, screenshot)

The “confusion” is often spewed by liberals trying to discredit Hicks’ qualifications by suggesting she’s merely eye candy in the Trump WH. You know, because a woman can’t be smart and beautiful.

Meanwhile, Hicks was a sensation on Twitter, where many gushed about the brunette stunner.


Some liberals joked that Hope was trying to “emasculate” Trump’s inner circle by upstaging them in stylish menswear. Um, okay.

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Another said something that studies indicate is true: “Conservative women are gorgeous.”

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