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AWKWARD: CNN tries to display what NYC killer said – without actually saying it

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As usual, it took a long time for the mainstream media to finally acknowledge that Tuesday’s Lower Manhattan truck attack by 29-year-old Uzbeki immigrant Sayfullo Saipov was actually a terrorist attack and not some random, crazed ‘lone wolf.’

You’d think the fact that multiple witnesses heard the killer shout “Allahu Akbar” might have been a clue, but apparently admitting the obvious has become a ‘hate-fact,’ or something.

Given that, CNN had quite the creative way around this predicament.

Here’s the original tweet from The Situation Room:

Smooth move, CNN. Sadly for you, nobody’s buying it and everyone knows exactly what you were trying to do.


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Whew! Close call!

CNN anchor Jake Tapper responded to the brouhaha by downplaying his network’s downplay:

But nobody was buying that either.

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