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Democrat lawmaker seizes on sexual harassment news to try changing DC’s ‘good old boys club’

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A Democratic lawmaker is capitalizing on the national attention on sexual harassment to call for an overhaul in Congressional policies.

Citing a work atmosphere resembling an old boys’ club, Rep. Jackie Speier plans to introduce legislation to update  the Office of Compliance which she claimed is “constructed to protect the institution — and to impede the victim from getting justice,” according to Politico.

“There’s no accountability whatsoever,” the California Democrat said, calling the OOC “toothless” and “a joke.”

There is currently no requirement for lawmakers and congressional aides to undergo sexual-harassment training and Speier, along with other congressional staffers and lawmakers, is hoping to change that.

Speier was also hoping to make a change in the White House back in August when she accused the president of “mental instability.”

She called on Trump to be removed from office by invoking the 25th Amendment.

With allegations of decades of sexual assault by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein being revealed, as well as claims of sexual harassment and worse from other big names in the industry, Speier joined the Twitter hashtag #MeToo campaign which allows a platform for victims to speak out.

“Like so many of you, I have a ‘Me, too’ story to tell,” Speier said in the YouTube video. “I was working as a congressional staffer. The chief of staff held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth.”

“I know what it’s like to keep these things hidden deep down inside. I know what it’s like to lie awake at night wondering if I was the one who had done something wrong. I know what it’s like years later to remember that rush of humiliation and anger,” Speier said. “You know what? Many of us in Congress know what it’s like because Congress has been a breeding ground for a hostile work environment for far too long.”

Speier announced a new campaign called “#MeTooCongress” in addition to her upcoming legislation proposal with fellow Democrat, Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence.

“There is nothing to fear in telling the truth,” she said in the video. “And it’s time to throw back the curtain on the repulsive behavior that until now, has thrived in the dark without consequences. The time is now.”

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