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Ellen DeGeneres gets pounded for pulling a ‘Weinstein’ on Katy Perry’s boobs

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There couldn’t be modern liberalism without relentless heaping hypocrisy.

Sure, there might have been a day when an adored lesbian could jokingly gawk at a fellow celebrity’s sizable breasts, but today is not that day.

Comedian and talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres is coming under heavy fire for a controversial picture.

“Happy Birthday, @Katy Perry! It’s time bring out the big balloons!” DeGeneres wrote in a tweet with a picture of the comedian staring directly at Perry’s chest.

Of course, Perry has her bosom on full display, and the group that included DeGeneres’ partner Portia de Rossi all had a good laugh when the picture was taken.

But those days are over, and DeGeneres is feeling backlash from fans sore over rampant sexual harassment charges being waged across the country in the wake of Hollywood’s sick Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Ironically enough, the Ellen post had a striking resemblance to an old photo of Weinstein pal Hillary Clinton. The now famous photo showed Clinton having much the same reaction as DeGeneres upon spotting singer Christina Aguilera’s “balloons.”  Indicating once again, that Democrat politicians (especially those with the last name, Clinton) and Hollywood pervs are birds of a feather.

The comparison of DeGeneres to Weinstein took off on social media, and it wasn’t long before Piers Morgan chimed in on the issue.

Morgan correctly observed that if a man had tweeted something similar, Ellen and her Hollywood cohorts would be screaming, “Sexist Pig!”

Morgan was not alone in is assertion, and there was no winning for Ellen, who had recently slammed widespread sexual harassment on her show.

Good point!

Fox Sports host Clay Travis came under heavy fire last month for making a quip about women’s “boobs” on CNN.

Travis was on to discuss ESPN host Jemele Hill calling Trump a racist. Near the end of the segment he shocked CNN host Brooke Baldwin by saying, “I believe in only two things completely. The First Amendment and boobs.”

CNN host Brooke Baldwin clearly doesn’t appreciate on-air boob jokes.

Needless to say, that joke didn’t go over too well, and Travis took a serious social media beating for it. Travis was quick to point out DeGeneres’ birthday tweet too:

Sure, you are.


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