Chelsea Handler thought it would be HILARIOUS to bill Trump for her birth control. Just one problem.

Chelsea Handler has long road ahead.

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Not long after delighting Donald Trump supporters with news she was cancelling her failing Netflix show to become a full-time liberal activist, Handler was at it.

For the opening act of her new career, Handler decided to send an invoice to President Trump for the collective cost of women’s birth control.

The cost of the oral contraceptives came to $1.4 billion, according to Handler’s numbers, and she linked to a leftist website called  (Note: We know they’re leftists because they think birth control is “free,” even when someone else actually pays.)

Unfortunately, for Handler, the stunt earned more backlash than it did praise.

More even-keeled minds let her have it:

Handler would just say it’s the government’s job to pay for “free” food (someone needs to tell her someday that it’s really the taxpayers who pay).

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And why is Handler demanding that only women’s birth control be covered? Isn’t that sexist, or something?

Bottom line: Today’s liberals don’t understand what it means to be independent. Freedom is scary for many, but thankfully not for all.

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Nailed it.


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