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California gang member’s ‘hot’ mugshot goes viral, but people ignore her heinous crime against child

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A young woman puts her infant child in grave danger, but the Internet doesn’t care because … she’s gorgeous!!

The mugshot of a female gang member lit up social media, but not for her crime… because she’s attractive. (If tattoos all over a girl’s neck and torso are your thing.)

Mirella Ponce, 20-year-old gang member, was arrested for driving with a stolen, loaded gun in the car.  Ponce and her infant were riding with two fellow gang members, KRON 4 reported.

The arrest took place on Monday, and when the Fresno Police Department’s Facebook page posted her photo, the page was instantly abuzz with commenters ogling in delight at the sight of the negligent mom.

Image: Screenshot.

“The only crime she committed was stealing my heart,” one desperate user wrote. That post received 3,000 emoji reactions – only SEVEN disapproved.

Another popular reaction was a little more of a backhanded compliment.

“What a shame though, she could have a stripper or something with those good looks,” chimed a popular post.

To further prove the reaction Ponce’s picture received, one comment complimenting her well-manicured eyebrows received over 700 positive reactions.

Amidst all the shallow fawning, there was at least one person who called them all out.

“Wow. Everybody’s on her talking about how she’s pretty. She was endangering her child’s life rolling around with a gang member and a loaded weapon. Good Lord people. Who cares about her looks … she’s a freaking criminal.”

Unfortunately, that sane comment was met with some fierce liberal “logic” that got a lot of traction:

“Uh, massive amounts of people walk around with loaded guns. It’s called concealed carry. Hers not having papers doesn’t make it any more dangerous. She could be labeled a gang member by association. Calm tf down, it’s extremely off putting how sanctimonious you are.”

Yeah, sure.


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