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Tucker Carlson: NBC News president should be fired for refusing to run Harvey Weinstein rape story

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson said NBC News president Noah Oppenheim should resign or be fired for refusing to run the bombshell story spotlighting Harvey Weinstein‘s 30 years of sexual abuse and rapes.

“Noah Oppenheim ought to resign immediately, and if he doesn’t, he ought to be fired immediately by NBC’s parent company Comcast,” Carlson said (video below).

ronan farrow Noah Oppenheim harvey weinstein
Tucker Carlson said NBC News president Noah Oppenheim tried to kill Ronan Farrow’s exposé on Harvey Weinstein because the two probably had undisclosed business dealings. (Images: BPR screengrabs)

Carlson was furious after learning that NBC News tried to kill a story that one of its reporters, Ronan Farrow, had detailing Weinstein’s decades of sexual harassment. As many as 30 women have come forward this week, and three have accused the film mogul of rape.

“Let’s be clear: NBC is lying,” Carlson said. “News executives are not allowed to tell lies. They’re not allowed to participate in cover-ups. They ought to answer straight-forward questions straight-forwardly. When they don’t, you know they’re corrupt. And that’s exactly what NBC News is.”

Ronan Farrow — the son of actress Mia Farrow and accused child molester Woody Allen— had the story in August, but NBC executives refused to run it, claiming it wasn’t ready.

Ronan told MSNBC that’s a lie. After NBC News passed on it, Farrow took the story to the New Yorker magazine, which immediately recognized its newsworthiness, especially since he had audio of Weinstein admitting he had groped model Ambra Gutierrez.

“I walked into the door at the New Yorker with an explosively reportable piece that should’ve been public earlier,” Farrow said. “And immediately, the New Yorker recognized that. In fact, there were multiple determinations that it was reportable at NBC.”

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Noah Oppenheim held an emergency “town hall meeting” at NBC News this week, where he denied he tried to kill the Weinstein story.

woody allen son ronan farrow soon yi mia farrow
Ronan Farrow (second from left) said his estranged father, Woody Allen, sexually molested his sister Dylan. (Image: Twitter)

Oppenheim then tried to play the victim by saying he was offended by the insinuation. “The notion that we would try to cover for a powerful person is deeply offensive to all of us,” he said.

Unlike many liberals who are condemning Harvey Weinstein this week because it’s suddenly trendy, Ronan Farrow has spoken out against sexual abuse for years.

Most recently, Farrow wrote an essay for the Hollywood Reporter, where he revealed that his estranged father, Woody Allen, sexually molested his adopted sister Dylan Farrow as a little girl.

It’s well-documented that Allen had a sexual relationship with Ronan’s other adopted sister, Soon-Yi, when she was a teenager. Allen later married Soon-Yi. At the time he molested Soon-Yi, Allen was dating her adoptive mom, actress Mia Farrow (Ronan’s biological mom).

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