Jesse Watters debuts new segment … feisty texts from his liberal Democrat mom, and it is hilarious!

It turns out Jesse Watters’ mom is a liberal Democrat. And a feisty one at that.

Watters introduced a hilarious new segment featuring his mom’s angry text messages, on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” on Thursday.

Mrs. Watters apparently watches the show, and when she’s irritated by something her son says, she lets him know.

“As you know my mom is a liberal Democrat and sometimes texts me during the show,” Watters began.

The conservative host went on to read some of those texts and they did not disappoint.

“I can not and will not identify myself as the mother of Trump’s wingman! change it up.” read one.

“You are on Fantasy Island! And don’t make statements about what I, as a Democrat want! Illegal immigration???”

Perhaps the crescendo came with an all caps blow out from mom:


Let’s hope this segment takes off as we can all use a little levity. Let’s also hope Watters records Thanksgiving Dinner … Oh, to be a fly on the wall!


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